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To describe The Invincible Czars with a single word seems unsatisfying on many levels, although some well versed writers have tried, using words like "original", "eclectic", "offbeat" and "bizarre" to name a few. While another writer uses a medley of words describing the music as "classically minded... combining klezmer, waltz, funk, polka, and heavy metal", only to lead the reader to their one word summation of "unclassifiable".

Regardless, few would accuse the band of imitating others, much less following an industry formula.  Decide for yourself, click on any song title below to sample the Invincible Czars' diverse offerings.
Samples from The Nutcracker Suite
  Trepak (Russian Dance)
Miniature Overture
Samples from Martyrs of the Alamo soundtrack
  The First Attack
The Second Attack
Battle of San Jacinto
 Definitive original tracks from the Invincible Czars
  Gods of Convenience
Willie Poland vs. the Black Keys
The Curse of Foxes, Birds and Rabbits
We've got your Festival Favorites too!
  A Glezele Vayn
Mursketine II
The Iron Fist of Stalin